Monday, April 13, 2015

Jazz workshop, performance and improvised 'jam' rocks the DCMA

The DCMA's Siti Binti Said Hall rocked as 4 guest musicians from Denmark and Poland involved all DCMA students, teachers and visitors in a thrilling and multi layered improvised musical 'jam' session.
The visiting musicians: Carl Winther on keyboard, Martin Ruhl on double bass, Radek Wosko on drums and Tomas Ulak on tenor sax had been invited to perform in Zanzibar and took the time to come to the DCMA to offer a workshop, performance and jam session for musicians, students and visitors on the island.
These highly accomplished musicians treated us to some of their own compositions - contemporary Jazz at it's finest, and interspersed the performance with explanations and detailed demonstrations to show the Zanzibar musicians how Jazz is composed and how improvisation weaves in and around the central melody and theme of a composition.
The audience asked many questions which were generously and thoroughly answered, and these answers were followed by musical demonstrations, enabled the Zanzibar musicians to gain a clear understanding of the complexity of layers which form a jazz composition.
The audience were clearly pleased and satisfied with the whole event and delighted to be involved in a wonderful and rousing improvised jazz session. Thanks go to Carl, Tomas, Radek and Martin for an electrifying and educational couple of hours of wonderful music.

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