Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The DCMA is sad to announce the death of a friend and fellow musician, Mr. Ali Kassim.

Ali Kassim ( R.I.P ) 27th Jan, 1969 - 24th Nov, 2014
Ali Kassim was a talented musician who taught himself to play violin and trumpet and in spite of a highly regarded career and artistic fame he came to the DCMA in 11th June, 2008 to develop his skills and receive a formal music education.
During his time at the DCMA his support for the school was 100%. He participated fully in the culture and life of the school, amongst other things leading the DCMA Beni Band and traveling with DCMA musicians and artists to UMOJA events (Norwegian sponsored Flying Culture Carpet) where he was a popular and inspiring member of the international group. Ali Kassim performed locally and internationally – in Ethiopia with UMOJA and traveled to Shanghai, China where he presented the DCMA student group.
Ali Kassim loved music. He was a member of the Culture Music Club and whilst at the DCMA he enthusiastically and generously shared his talents training students to play violin and trumpet and we had hopes that one day he would join the school as a violin teacher.
Ali Kassim will be remembered as a man who was admired and respected by all who knew him, not only for his musical abilities and skills but also as a man who loved peace, who never quarreled and who gave whole-heartedly his love of music both in performance and in teaching fellow musicians. 
We at the DCMA are privileged to have known and worked with him and he will be sadly missed.

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